How We Work

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How We Work

Once a suitable site or sites has been identified for the installation of renewable energy, GNCE goes to work. Ideal sites are terraced housing with lots of roofspace to cover in solar photovoltaic panels (generating electricity) but we can also design systems that generate heat and hot water (solar thermal panels, biogas plants) or both (micro combined-heat-and-power). The solution we come up with will be designed to meet your needs whether for energy, to generate income or both. Renewable energy in the UK is not only clean and reliable, it won’t go up in price and you control how it is used. You can reduce your energy bills but you can also earn money from the Feed In Tariff (if generating electricity) or the Renewable Heat Incentive (if generating heat) and you can sell surplus electricity to the energy companies.

Can Local People Create Their Own Solutions?

Yes. GNCE can show you how. Depending on local energy needs we can help you take control of your energy.

GNCE can either:

  • simply offer advice about how you go about it
  • help you design an energy solution for your buildings
  • make funding bids or help you raise finance
  • be your approved installer
  • operate the renewable energy for you or teach you how to manage your own renewable energy
  • join you in a partnership to share costs and risks, installing the panels and taking a fair share of the energy in return for our investment.
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