Our Vision

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Our Vision

Doing Good For People & Communities

Our idea is simple, to create wealth where it is needed most and to develop practical projects that ordinary people can take on themselves, in ways that benefits them financially without destroying the planet or harming local neighbourhoods

Doing Good For The Planet

Good Neighbour is a company that wants to demonstrate the ability of people to make a difference at the very local of levels – our homes, streets and neighbourhoods – in ways that can secure a future for our children

Playing Fair By People

We think that people have not always been treated fairly and we think that people having a bigger say over their lives is a good thing. That’s why we will pay as much rent as we can to the people who need it most. We’ll be open about our finances and how we operate and always try to play fair with you, staying close and listening hard, to you.

Being A Trusted Supplier

Our idea doesn’t work without you, the homeowner. So we pledge to be a trustworthy friend, a good neighbour that keeps our promises, that does what we say we will do, to listen to your concerns and questions and respond positively because your good will is biggest resource


The energy systems we install will have to be efficient and reliable. We plan to use the best solar panels we can afford, install them using approved installers, test them before operation and always have a call-put team ready to fix any problems promptly. After all, if we’re not generating electricity, we’re not getting paid! So reliability is at the top of our list.