share offer

We are seeking investors who wish to help community organisations in Liverpool become more environmentally and financially sustainable by installing and operating renewable energy systems in their buildings and provide them with low-cost energy. All installations will be on schools, community and commercial buildings in the Merseyside area.

If you choose to make an investment, you will become a member of Community Energy Merseyside Limited [CEM], a not-for-profit Community Benefit Society, registered number 7195. CEM was established in 2015 and will operate for the benefit of the local community. All members will have a say in how the business is run and have the right to stand for and/or elect board members to conduct the day-to-day operations of the Society.

We are inviting interested parties to invest between £250 and £2,000. Each member-investor will have an equal say in the enterprise irrespective of how much they have invested.

The launch of this Investment Offer has been greatly assisted by the advice and support of MORE Renewables which has been promoting community energy in the northwest over many years; Lymm Community Energy and the Centre for Sustainable Energy. It has also benefitted from a grant from the Urban Community Energy Fund which is sufficient to cover all costs of making this offer of shares.

The initial directors of CEM have undertaken all necessary planning and design requirements, negotiated with site landlords and where necessary applied for and received planning permission. They have also negotiated lease agreements and power purchase agreements with all property owners which will be signed before installations commence. MCS-registered installers Feed It Green Limited of Liverpool have chosen to install the systems. We will be able to commence installation immediately finance has been secured.

The Society will earn income from a) the Generation Tariff; b) the Export Tariff and c) a Power Purchase Agreement with the site landlords. Community Energy Merseyside will therefore be able to pay an annual dividend of between 3% and 5% to investors.


To make an application to invest, print off and complete the application form and send it with a cheque covering your investment to the address given

Download the application form‘here’

Download the Business-Plan-2016-21 ‘here’

Download the Share Offer Document ‘here’